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What is a ‘Chambers?’

It’s part gimmick, part mission statement.

A law chambers is the name for the legal offices of an English barrister or group of barristers.  English barristers can’t form law firms, they can only share office space.  These shared offices became known as law chambers.

Another type of English lawyer, the solicitor, can organize into a law firm.  Barristers, however, must remain independent—the idea being that this independent allows them to serve their clients better.

So how is this a mission statement?

I believe lawyers should be independent because I believe this allows them to better serve their clients.  I chose to use the term ‘Chambers’ in the name of my law office to evoke this ideal.  It is a constant reminder of how I want my law office to remain client-focused, not lawyer focused.

It’s an idealistic goal—every lawyer their own boss who serves their clients directly—but ideals animate our core values.