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DMCA Services for Datacenters, Web Hosting Companies, and Content Providers

The Nelson Law Chambers LLC provides competitive rates for handling bulk responses to DMCA takedown notices.

We have the technical expertise to work within your system or find ways to have your system automatically update us when new requests arrive.

We charge flat fees, and we will work with you to determine what rates best fit your needs and the volume you experience.

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DMCA Services for Copyright Owners

Filing a DMCA takedown notice is not difficult, and it can be automated with many service providers. However, it can be helpful to pass the burden of managing this process to a third party.

Let us be that third party.

We file the DMCA takedown notice for you and followup with the service provider to ensure they comply. We take the burden and time of managing a DMCA takedown notice campaign off of your hands.

The Nelson Law Chambers LLC offers competitive rates for handling bulk DMCA takedown requests for content. This includes handling the give and take between you and the service providers over whether a DMCA takedown is proper or whether the use is a fair use.

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DMCA Services for Users and Consumers of Copyrighted Works

Has someone filed a DMCA takedown notice against you or something you’ve posted?

You have the right to file a counter-notice. We can do this for you.

Hiring a lawyer to handle this process for you may save you time, money, and anxiety. Contact us to learn how we can help, and whether our services are right for you.

We offer our services for DMCA counter-notices for flat-rates. While each matter is different, our range of fees typically run from $50 to $500.

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