Get Registered!

Registered trademarks offer more protection and more rights and un-registered trademarks.

We offer clients flat fee rates to handle their trademark registration. These rates vary by mark, but typically run between $500 to $1500 plus the $325 government filing fee.

Who should consider registering a trademark?

  • Anyone selling a product.
  • A business wanting to protect its name.
  • An artist or celebrity interesting in licensing or sponsorship deals.
  • Bands.
  • Solo artists.
  • Dance groups.
  • Performance groups.

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Trademark lawsuits.

Facing a trademark lawsuit? Need to enforce your trademark?

We offer flat fees for litigation, whether it be as a plaintiff or defendant. While rates vary with the complexity and uniqueness of each case, our litigation rates for trademark matters typically range between $2,000 and $20,000.

Do I need to have a registered trademark to bring a trademark lawsuit?

No, you only need to be doing business using the name that you feel someone else is stealing or harming. Trademark protections may apply whether you have a registered trademark or not.

Registered trademarks, however, are provided much stronger protection and lawsuits about registered trademarks are much easier (and cheaper) to bring.

Who can bring trademark lawsuits?

  • Anyone using a unique name to sell a product, operate a business, or provide a service.
  • Someone with a registered trademark.
If you have been served with a trademark lawsuit, it is important for you to discuss your situation with an attorney who works with trademark law. John William Nelson, the attorney behind the Nelson Law Chambers, is licensed in Georgia, Tennessee, and Washington D.C. and has offices in the Atlanta area.

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