I Solve Problems.

I’m a law office of just one person — John William Nelson.  This allows me to focus on you, my client.  It also allows me to keep my overhead low.

The result is a legal representation that caters to your needs and solves your problems.  There are many ways to achieve any goal, and my job is to help my clients find the way that works best for them.

I Make Things Happen.

I do this by erasing the stumbling blocks preventing deals from getting done.  I also work to cut through red tape to expeditiously meet the needs of my client.

I Protect Your Rights.

I aggressively defend my clients against the claims of others.  At the same time I work to resolve disputes where willing parties are working in good faith.

But I also ensure that my clients won’t be bullied or pushed around with threats.  Each party has equal dignity in a legal dispute, and one of my jobs is to enforce the dignity of my clients and ensure their voice is heard.

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